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Why was it called HARMONY ?

“Harmony”, in the non-musical context has two meanings; “free from disagreement or dissent” and “combining parts to form a consistent or pleasing whole” (from the Greek word “Harmonia”). Musical “Harmony” is when a composer and or conductor achieves “the successful combination of musical notes, arranged and played simultaneously by musicians around the same melody”. When harmony is achieved, it means the composer achieved the successful combination of notes into a sound pleasing to the ear (the intended market for the composers’ music).

We know that even the best musicians lead by the best conductor will only create noise or disharmony unless they are all playing from the same “Sheet of Music”. In the same way, even the best employees and best leadership will cause disharmony and poor performance unless they are all aligned and synchronized, working from the same business strategy.

A Strategy & Tactic tree can provide organizations their common “Sheet of Music” to synchronize and focus management and all employees on the few highest leverage changes necessary to achieve the organizational goals.

Harmony S&T Software provides managers now with a practical tool and structure to capitalize on the S&T breakthrough by Dr. Eli Goldratt to facilitate the design, communicating, validating, planning, execution monitoring and auditing (to provide fast feedback) of a “Harmonious Business Strategy” to achieve & sustain the desired growth and stability objectives within organizations.

Harmony supports also all three S&T construction methods. For those users that want to develop an S&T from scratch using for example the Viable Vision process above, it guides users through a list of questions to complete the S&T level by level. For those users that want to customize one or more of the generic S&Ts developed by Dr. Eli Goldratt or by other Harmony Users, Harmony offers users access to the Goldratt S&T library and Public Community Library from which they can copy parts or even whole S&Ts for customization. Lastly, Harmony also supports the Change Matrix Cloud Process developed by Dr. Alan Barnard to enable any manager to develop the S&T node(s) for their part of the organization.

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